My Journey to health Day 7,

What's up guys. Barely me, but hey I am still doing it. Me and my Boy Ronnie were back at it again Tuesday so here it goes.

Day 7: LEG DAY!! Yea you heard that right but I call it NATIONAL I CAN'T GET OFF THE TOILET DAY! I am currently having someone install rails in the bathroom, however, Ronnie never seems to fail at making my arms into useless rubber strings or ROPE (and I don't mean Ronnie's idea of a fucking rope either) depending on who your talking to.

Started by laying down (Ronnie put a support down for my back which is why I was referred to him. He has back problems as well so he at LEAST has been sensitive to that) and putting my legs on a metal plate in order to do a kind of bench press with my legs. Apparently I was supposed to get them down far enough to hear some metal clinging, but my tight ass legs, back, and hips didn't seem to go down that far. Or at first anyway. During the second set I wanted to hear that CLING so I brought it down as far as I could and sure enough it was CLING. Well it actually went more like Cling...cling.cling...cling.cling.cling.cling...Because I couldn't get the damn thing back up. Just know there are positions in a gym on certain pieces of equipment that you simply don't want to get stuck in and that is one of them. I got to see just how strong my man Ronnie was as he ONE armed it up off me. Yea my two Skinny ass legs (I used to refer to them as Anacondas) don't have shit for Ronnie's one arm. I guess that is a good motivational deal.

We did some "leg curls" I think, and let me just tell you the ACID LAVA began to flow into my thighs taking with it any ounce of muscle I had in there. I am also not sure what muscle is right above your knee on the inside of your leg but when you wake that fucker up, all hell breaks loose and your knees begin the noodle dance.

On to Calves. I am not sure if any of you have seen my legs but here is what they look like:

Yep that's right do you see any fucking CALVES? Me either, however, Ol' Ronnie sees potential so we go to work on them. Needless to say, it was not only painful, but seemed pointless.  However, I did what I could do. They were so fucking tight, it felt like I had on my 13 year old daughter's skinny jeans.

Next was some sort of backward lunge squats while holding barbells. Well, just getting into position was a task within itself. I mean Ronnie looked like some kind of a Greek God, and then he handed me the weights..... and it felt like I tore ever groin muscle I had just trying to get into position.  Then he says let's go. Shit, I have no idea what the fuck I looked like, but if you compared us to dancing, Ronnie looked like Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) on Dancing with the Stars while I am quite certain I couldn't even have been classified as good as Elaine from Seinfeld throwing down to some Earth Wind and Fire. At least she THOUGHT she was killing it.

To close out... again I made it through without dying, although I am convinced he and Julie are plotting a SLOOOOOW murder for some life insurance. My Life Insurance agent is in on this shit too I just know it. He called me out of nowhere yesterday to see how I was doing. WTF??? Let me just say when your life insurance agent (who knows EXACTLY how much you are worth DEAD) begins calling out of the blue while you know you are being killed by your trainer WATCH YOUR DAMN BACK!!!

Food: basically the same. Banana before workout. One egg, slice of ham, tiny bit of cheese omelette with strawberries and one piece of Dave's whole grain toast with peanut butter.

Lunch: had a networking BNI lunch so found a chicken Caesar Salad with some grilled lime shrimp on the side.

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad with a shit load of veggies. ( I will eventually get more creative just right now trying to eat healthy in a quickly)

Until next time peeps, Here's to a new beginning, and Remember JUST SHOW UP

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