My Journey to Health Days 17, 18, 19

Holy Shit it has been 19 days since I began this trek. Days 17 and 18 were the weekend so not much to report here other than eating as I use these days as recovery. Although it doesn’t seem like much recovery in the end. My friend Julie (not the wife) says that drinking Alcohol slows down the recover.y.The shit head actually sent me an email to prove it. I replied with a simple ‘Fuck you’ and went to the ABC store for some Titos and Tonic. I know she is correct however I also know if I don’t have any fun during this I will burn myself out. My man Ronnie (ONE MORE) Robertson and I spoke at length about this and though I know it isn’t optimal he understands where I am coming from. I have cut the drinking in half  (calorie wise because I can actually drink two and a half Vodka Tonics to one of what I was drinking before LOL) as he asked and we are still seeing steady progress.

I had a gig (for those that don’t know I have a band called the Deep Shallow band) up in Boone on Friday and it is tough to find healthy eats on the fly. Everyone wanted to meet at a PIZZA (yes Pizza) joint on Friday evening and we all know what Ronnie (ONE MOE) Robertson did to me last time I ate PIZZA. So I ordered a sandwich and a salad. I took the bread off the sandwich and just ate the meat and vegetables with only eating maybe half of one piece of bread. And let me tell you it was fucking wonderful, the bread that is. The rest was great too. Breakfast is mostly the same as I am not a big fan to begin with but I know I have to eat something in order to get my metabolism going. From What I can tell eating too little is just as bad as eating too much. We had guys weekend at the lake so I stopped by the house on the way home and had two pieces of deli ham on the 21 grain Dave’s bread with some pepper jack cheese. Again the goal here is not to deprive yourself of EVERYTHING because frustration leads to quitting for me. A nice cooked Steak brought by my boy Jeff and cooked to PERFECTION by my man Eric “Suave” Johanson, a third of a baked potato (no butter), and a salad for dinner. The only bad thing about eating this way is you get drunk damn quick. Sunday regular breakfast then I cooked up a pot of chili with lean hamburger meat. Ate some plain ass popcorn for a snack and let me tell you it fucking sucked. I have had cardboard that was better but I will get some damn old bay or something to put on there next time. Weight was maintained. Well I actually was at 228 even which was a little more than Friday (227 and some change) but I used to be 4 to 5 lbs more on Monday’s believe it or not.

Monday: Let me just say it was all I could do to muster up the will and energy to go to the gym today. People keep telling me how I am going to eventually love it and I am still trying to figure out the whole loving to be tortured shit. Listen I will not sugar coat this shit to anyone of you that is thinking about doing this. It is fucking HARD period, and it takes a certain type of Character to make it happen. I will say if it wasn’t for Ronnie (ONE MORE) Robertson I would probably have found a damn way to talk myself out of going. I knew this about me which is why I hired him. In the end I can’t let him down so I dragged my ass in there. He was waiting bright eyed and bushy tailed and apparently it pumps him up to see my ass come through that door. As I was telling him about the eating this weekend and mentioned the Pizza joint I thought he was going to loose his shit until I told him I didn’t eat one single bite of one. IT was SCARY there for a moment.

Today was chest and Lats day. I know what a chest is but Lats?? I mean I get it I just didn’t know mine still existed and apparently they were on the way out. Again it was a tough day for sure. There were bench presses, pull downs, and a bunch of other shit that I don’t even know the names of. There was one fucking machine that felt like he hooked my suburban up to it. I mean I was pitiful. I was screaming and yelling at it to no avail. Ronnie (ONE MORE) had to eventually get his happy ass up there and pull while I pushed. Apparently it worked the BOTTOM?? of your chest muscles. WTF I had no idea there was a bottom to be worked. It was terrible and I may have a couple of hernias now. We actually did one exercise where I had to lay down and hold up a barbell over my chest drop it back over my head then bring it back up. All I could envision was that bitch slipping out of my had onto my face cracking my skull or eye socket. The whole time hearing him scream ONE MORE while saying “I’m not feeling anything yet”!! What the fuck is wrong with these trainer people? Like I said never believe a damn thing these fuckers say. ONE MORE is nothing more than false hope because if you haven’t blown an eyeball out of your socket then they are certain you have more in you. I am confident there are cooked noodles that are stiffer than my arms by the end.

The last thing we tried was a pull up and push ups. One word DEMORALIZING. My ass was spent and I couldn’t do shit. Ol’ ONE MORE was still excited and proud of what I was able to do but he forgot to leave a little left in my tank for me to take a shower. Jesus trying to hold that fucking bar of soap up and rub in all the places that need to be soaped on your body was a task to say the least. Shit I ran the fuck out of hot water and had only made it up to my knees from my feet. Going to have to get creative somehow if this keeps up. I don’t even want to discuss drying off. Shit I though Ol’ ONE MORE snuck into my house and dipped my towels into some kind of invisible heavy shit. I started to just lay it down on the floor and roll around on it for a while but I somehow managed to get it done.

At the end of the day we talked about why I was so weak and it was easily determined that over 30 years of not lifting a single fucking weight may have SOMETHING to do with it. He also said it would be a while before we see any significant progress but if we don’t begin somewhere there will be ZERO progress. One of the guys that is in there in the a.m. (you know the ones that probably are laughing like hell at all the noises I am making) told me today I was KILLING it. Apparently he didn’t count the weight I started and finished with but I appreciated hearing that. He is a pretty strong fella and is there every a.m. so it definitely felt good to hear it.

Thanks again for reading as this blog helps keep me going as well. Here is to Another new beginning and don’t forget that  everything you do or accomplish in life stats by JUST SHOWING UP.

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