My Journey to Health Days 26-30

I know it has been a week since I last posted but my world got away from me last week. IT was a great week in the gym however my left arm has been bothering me with a bad case of Inflammation in my elbow. I went to the doc in hopes of a cortisone shot but my doc was VERY reluctant to give me one in the elbow. She said that she knew if she did I would feel great for two weeks meanwhile still working as hard as I am which would put me right back where I began. She gave me some oral steroids and anti-inflammatory pills and told me to rest it for 4-6 weeks. I suppose I will have to work through the pain for now because I just can’t stop for that long at the moment. I have come way to far. She mentioned I could run but seemed to forget how bad my back is. I once went down for 9 days with my back and I have no desire to lay in a bed for 9 days again. So for now we will CONTINUE as planned.

I would like to begin by saying this morning I HAVE REACHED BY FIRST BIG GOAL of 220.8lbs. This is a 17 lb loss of weight in 30 days. That is big shit on every level . I still consider myself to be a fat ass just not quite as fat. I think eating healthy was the main cause but working out every day sure as hell hasn’t hurt.

The workouts were BRUTAL last week. We couldn’t really work my calf too much so we began the week focusing on upper body. Ronnie says my arms and chest are my weakest points and we need to begin building strength. Well let me tell you EXACTLY what that means. You start with something damn heavy but attainable for a few reps. Then he says ‘alright stop’ and you start hearing clanging and shit which is ol’ ONE MORE adding weight. Yep you heard it right, fucking ADDING not subtracting. Keep in mind my chest and arms are already spent and I have blood vessels throughout my face and head that I know are bursting from all the straining, grunting and screaming I am doing. Thank god it is like the same people in there every day cause I am certain I would be scaring anyone new straight out of there with some of the sounds that are coming out of my mouth. I think Ronnie has figured out by the TONE of my screams exactly where I am and how much more I can do. They start sounding like cries of desperation that then run into just plain crying with no tears. Lots of “FUCKS” and “SHIIIIITTTSSS” flying in there. Oh and I don’t think I have mentioned once that one of the guys in there every morning is a preacher. Yep you heard that shit right. I can’t imagine what the the hell goes through his head every time he hears me swearing. But hey I am who I am and cursing is my way of getting through this shit.

We did some cross fit or as I call it cross death shit too. Lots of squats. I find it interesting How many fucking different ways he makes me do a squat. It’s like I am a kid and he is trying to TRICK me into thinking I am not really doing them. Well guess what Ronnie, it doesn’t take long for the burn to bring it all right back to me. Sometimes I am squatting while flipping that ROPE?? (yes we are still in argument as it what the fuck it really is), sometimes I am holding a HUGE ass weight and squatting, sometimes I have to hold a damn bar over my head, sometimes I have to squat and press the bar over my head OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…. The new ‘squat’ exercise he came up with recently was some fucking SAND (I am about done with the whole SAND shit WTF??? Bitches are heavy but most of all unpredictable as to where it my decide to lean causing instability of epic proportions) ball weighing only god knows how much and squatting, pushing up and throwing (YEP THROWING) it at least 10 feet into the air to hit a damn target, then catch and repeat. Ironically the target had and R with circles around it like a target so I threw that fucking ball as hard as I could at that ‘R’ all the while crazy thoughts were going through my head that I hope didn’t sneak out during all my Screaming (and sometime squealing).

Had to do some rope pulling with a 45lb weight, some leaned back pull up type shit using the straps with hoops (I really hate that shit cause I am just weighting to finally fall and hurt myself worse) and those fucking 40lb sand bags. Did I mention how much I hated fucking sand anything? Oh and because of my hurt calf I can’t begin to explain the fucking row machine work I did last week. IT WAS HELL. In fact my DUMB ass thought I was on to Ronnie’s routine and one day I thought I was only going to have to row for 1 minute on the last rep so I decided I would push myself harder than I have for a full minute. Remember many posts back I said NEVER BELIEVE a damn thing these guys say? Well if you go so far as to ASSUME what is coming you are a fucking idiot PERIOD. After I completely exhausted myself trying to be a “bad ass” then stopping after 1 minute (I though he would be impressed) all I could hear was ‘OH NO what are you doing we not done yet, I’m not feeling a thing’. It seems ol’ ONE MORE had other ideas. I couldn’t even bring in enough air to scream at this point. He decided to keep me going for 3 minutes with me going full speed as hard as I could go for 15 seconds at a time every 30 seconds. It may not sound like much but when I was done I wanted to take my suburban up there and tie a rope to that fucking machine and pull it straight the the fucking wall. At this point I was willing to pay for the damage to get the satisfaction of dragging that fucker as far down the HWY looking in the rear view mirror as it bounced and pieces flew off in disintegration as I pulled it. Then I wanted to bring back one little tiny ass piece to Ronnie and while handing it over to him just say ‘here’s your fucking row maching’. It was a great fantasy. In fact he keeps telling me to find my “HAPPY” place so I think I have found it.

As you can all see these 30 days have been HELL at times but I would do it all over again with the results I have seen. There is pain for sure and I am tired as hell trying to get up this early but to lose 17lbs in 30 days while getting stronger and in better shape is ┬ámore than I could have asked for. I decided to make a lifetime change and I am proud of what I have accomplished and can’t wait to see where I will be in another 30. I don’t expect to loose another 17 in the next 30 as it seems I am leveling out to around 2-3 lbs a week loss, but I think that is a healthy way of doing it.

This has really helped me in other areas of my life including my company. I am pushing to get better at the things I see as weaknesses and my employees are working just as hard to get us where we need to be. I have set goals and are reaching them. There is still a lot of work to be done and I am going to continue to strive to get better. I don’t know anyone that can’t find a way to improve and if we are not improving then we are getting worse. Thanks again for reading and taking this journey with me.

Here’s to another new beginning and remember it starts with simply doing one thing. JUST SHOW UP!

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