My Journey to Health Days 32-40

Sorry to have taken so long for a post but life gets in they way sometime. The gym I was working out in closed down for almost a week in order to move to a bigger location so my main man Ronnie had me come to his house and work out in his garage and on his drive way. Let me just say I was a happy fucker to get back to the damn gym. It would seem Ol’ One More gets EXTRA happy about beating your ass in his world. I will show you the first fucking thing I saw when I walked in.


Yea I thought the same damn thing, “Torture Table”?? You never know with this man so I was definitely cautious to say the least. One thing I found is that he gets a little more creative in his circuit training from home. There of course was a fucking tire that I had to flip up and down his long ass driveway. One of the issues is that on the other floor I could make the tire “SLIDE” a bit while flipping it. Yea that shit don’t fly on a driveway. Each flip and that bitch STICKS. At one point he told me an exercise he was going to have me do but he didn’t want to have to call 911 to get me out of his driveway. I was very appreciative let’s just say.

How is this for creative? I didn’t know what the hell to think when I saw this but after my arms and shoulders were put to the test I had to hold this wobbly ass contraption over my head and walk up and down his drive way. I know I looked like a damn fool but I get it. Having to engage my core to keep these things steady while holding them up was a bitch. Felt like I was going to bust my ass a few times.

ANNNNNDDD DONT YOU WORRY OL’ ONE MORE HAS HIS OWN FUCKING ROPE. ANNNNDDD its bigger than the one at the gym. As I am flinging this bitch as hard as I can, while Squatting until my ass touches that stand you see there, I couldn’t help but LONG for the days of the good old gym with the “TINY” (yea you remember “ROPE” that I think was used to airlift a battle ship into the harbor) one that had been kicking my ass. The whole time he was yelling ‘you better find your happy place’ and my fucking happy place was the GYM?? BUUUUUUTTTTTT WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT,

OL” ONE MORE HAS AN EVEN BIGGER FUCKING ROPE hidden in his bag of torture. Imagine how I felt rolling up in his driveway this particular day. It is damn near bigger around than my foot. My happy place this day was tying his ass down and using all those tools on his torture table. The shit that went through my mind would have bothered Stephen King and I will just leave it at that.

There was also this

that had to be picked up and thrown into this

multiple times while running to pick it up and throw again, then grabbing those two 35 lb weights and walking up and down the drive way while wearing this

YEP a FUCKING 20LB vest. That is what you get for losing 20lbs in Ol’ One More’s world. That fucking thing almost killed me as you can see in the photo. The face of Agony but not defeat as I still rocked that shit. Of course I was confident there were dead people out there that felt better at the time, but I did feel good at the end of the day.

Before I close I would like to tell you all FUCK AB DAY. I mean these abs have torn slam out of my gut. At one point I told Ronnie how bad I was hurting and he said well maybe we should do a different one until he found out it wasn’t my back I was talking about. He said ‘oh I ain’t worried about your abs boy they are supposed to be hurting’. WTF?? I am not sure what you call it but he makes me lay on the floor and lift my legs straight out while he tries to slam them onto the ground and if my heels touch I have to start over. The screams coming out of my mouth would have gotten me hired for a Hollywood horror film. I may need to begin filming it. The pain in the lower abs is simply insane.

In closing I have a couple of things I wanted to point out. I got some steroids and anti-inflammatory pills for my elbow. Though my elbow began feeling better (doc said I needed 4-6 weeks of rest but I have simply come to far for that kind of break) the steroids seemed to make me retain water. I actually went up 5-6 pounds which pissed me off but I knew what was up. I just got back from a 3 day beach trip and weighed back down to 217.1. I am still a little over 20 lbs from where I started. People are really starting to notice and I can see a difference. Today it was clear how much stronger I am than I was 40 days ago. I mean it is OBVIOUS how much more I can lift. This morning I sent a text to Ronnie letting him know my back was hurting from the motorcycle riding I did this weekend and he thought I was was trying to get out of working until he read that I said “we can do chest, arms, etc”. The point is from the first phone call that I had with him I didn’t give an EXCUSE and I will not give one now. I am in this for the long haul and I can’t wait to see where I am next spring.

Here is to another NEW BEGINNING and don’t forget people JUST SHOW UP!!


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