My Journey to Health Days 40-58

Man it has really been a while since I touched base with you guys. I hope like hell you didn’t think it was because I have QUIT cause that simply isn’t going to happen. My business has picked up to the point of I am going to have to hire an executive assistant. I am not going to discount getting up at 5:45 and getting ONE HELL OF A workout in to begin my day. There is not doubt in my mind being up and working out and having the energy that I have is helping me with my business. There were many days over the last 15 years that I just needed to take a break and slow down but having to PUSH through with Ol’ One More during my workouts has trickled itself into my work and company. My house and office is beginning to get more organized and my service side is getting more and more efficient as I look for ways to get things done more efficiently.

A lot has happened in the gym over these last 18 days. ACHES and PAINS and damn near DEATH for that matter but I have pushed through. Yesterday I tipped the scales at 211.8 with is damn near 26 lbs down from where I began. I am also WAY stronger and have much more stamina. We have continued our “CIRCUIT” training or what I would call “TORTURE” training and he keeps finding NEW shit to throw at me. The other day for instance he had me on that fucking ROWING machine, then to the SAND ball slam (you guys remember this ridiculous exercise, having to throw a 25-30 ball of fucking sand on the ground hard enough to actually bounce it back up to you), then to lay down bar pull ups, to that FUCKING BATTLE ROPE (that he has decided to bring HIS OWN bullshit HUGE ass rope cause apparently the one I was working out with wasn’t big enough) squats, then to grabbing two 35 lb barbells and walking the entire gym, to that bastard ass JUMP ROPE. ASSSSS IFFFFFF that wasn’t enough he had a damn bench sitting there just for me to bend over (be careful with your dirty ass minds) and grab with both hands on each side and HOP, yea that’s what I said, FUCKING HOP over with both my feet back and forth. Have I ever mentioned to you my bad back. YEP my back has it’s own set of problems and Ol’ One More wants to add to them. I can’t even begin to tell you the muscles you need to ENGAGE to do that shit. I really couldn’t even understand what the fuck I was doing as he kept yelling COME ON KEEP GOING and slobber was drooling out of my mouth as blood vessels were bursting throughout my body, including my eyes. It was a fucked up exercise that I had to do an entire “CIRCUIT” of again and again.

I am not sure which day it was but while he was KILLING MY ASS the guys that I see every morning in there asked him what branch of the Service he was in and he replied that he wasn’t. There response was “it should have been the TORTURE branch”. How fucked up is that? The people working out in the damn gym with me are telling Ol’ One More he is torturing my ass. I suppose it comes from the screaming I am doing in there (I am still the only one screaming bloody murder) as they all CRINGE in fear of my ultimate death on the mat.

Let me reiterate FUCK AB DAY. That’s right FUCK AB DAY. My fat ass allowed my “ABS” to shrink into tiny ass threads of string and Ol’ One More has decided they need to look like that fucking “ROPE” he brings in every day. I had no damn idea there were so many ways to work your abs. He says I am going to have ‘abs of steel’ while I am just hoping I don’t get another hernia or 12. One of the worst is having to lay on my back, grab a 35-45 pound bar and lift it while I scissor my legs up then back down not allowing either to touch the ground for WHO FUCKING KNOWS how long. Ol’ One more tells you its for 30 seconds or one minute meanwhile two 5 min songs have done come and gone in the back ground. The other that I CAN’T STAND is when I have to lay on my back holing my legs STRAIGHT out and up in the air while he tries to slam them into the ground. IT IS FUCKED UP people. I mean he gets to have all the damn fun seeing if he can beat you and all you can do is try not to let you legs it the ground. It was so bad and so long the other day (because Ol’ One More has decided AB DAY is important enough to do more than once a week) I was yelling so much and so loud that the owner of the gym came in to make sure ‘no one was having sex’ in there. WTF??? I said if this is what it sounds like in your home I don’t want ANY part of knowing what is going on because I am pretty damn sure it is illegal and I could go to jail just knowing about it. I mean I wish you guys could hear me yelling because it is horrible. After that work out though he handed my that tiny ass wheel that looks harmless on the surface but has broken a many of men in its day, and asked me to give him TWO. I said just TWO? He said yea man I know them abs are burning. I cranked out 15. That’s right 15 of the bitches and then did another 15 more just to say Fuck Off Ol’ One More. My point there guys is there was a time I could only do FIVE. All the shit we do in there engages my core so the strength I am gaining is pretty impressive for just under 60 days.

Recently I had another set back as I pulled a muscle in one of my abs and then a couple days later while doing chest and arms he had me do some push ups. This shit pisses me off because he makes me do these after I am BURNT completely out but I do it anyway. I have NO idea what happened but one of my abs, if there is such a thing, pulled and sent a pain through me that was damn hard to deal with. It was toward the end and Ronnie said let’s quit and take the rest of the day off. Tow days later was AB day and I gave it my all but eventually had to quit because of the pain. BUTTTT I looked up and said ‘can’t we do bi’s and tri’s’?? So I continued to work out because it has really just become something I NEED to do each day.

Today I looked on face book and saw where Ol’ One More posted that he had done 1000 step overs on a stepping block. I knew some shit like that was going to happen to me when I got there. Sure enough I walk in and don’t see a damn thing set up for me. He and I spoke yesterday of me maybe needed a small break some time because of my Abs and back and I have not really taken much time to recover since I started so I thought maybe I am getting a break or something. Ha that was some wishful thinking:

Looks harmless enough but I had to go over that BITCH two times just to count ONCE. He said he wanted FIVE HUNDRED in thirty minutes and if I stop or rest I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. I was like HOLY SHIT DUDE I usually have to at least stop for a second and get a drink of water. So he changed his tune and said after every 100 you can take a 30 second break and get some water. WELLL FUCK HIM. I busted out SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE of them bitches with out stopping (I had him hand me the water while I kept going, almost fell out and died and had to ring my damn shirt out when I got home but I did it). 651 as I was going to get as close to the other side of 1000 as I could. One of the guys came over and said ‘how many of them are you making him do? I know there is NO WAY I could have lasted that long’! Ronnie told him 500 in 30 min but at that point I was well in to 600. Oh and let me tell you when I hit 600 the REAL ONE MORE came out and yelled FIVE HUNDRED. I quickly pointed out that was BULL SHIT I know I had done SIX FUCKING HUNDRED. Be careful with these damn Trainers guys they don’t have ONE damn problem telling you a damn lie to get you to do more.

In closing I want to say that people are noticing how much weight I have lost. EVERYONE at the lake came to me to ask how much. People that are walking by in the gym are saying things like ‘man he is trimming up, looking good man’. I mean it is coming from everywhere. My problem is after losing damn near 26 lbs, I take off my shirt and still see how fat my ass is and think, ‘shit I must have at least 25 more to go’. But hey I am a hell of a lot closer than I was in just UNDER 60 days. EIGHTY percent is eating the right shit people. A friend of mine and myself were discussing her weight loss and she said SO MANY people asked her what she did. When she told them they said things like ‘I just can’t give up my chips or beer etc’. And I said ‘well just stay your ass where you are then’. I mean if you want change and you are over weight then you got to give up something that got your ASS overweight. There is no other way around it people.

Well thanks again for reading guys as this blog has well over 6,000 hits and I am happy to see that because I have been told my more than a few they have begun working out again because of this blog. We are not getting any younger and in the end ask yourself, what have you done the last 60 days or so? You know what you got to do. #JUSTSHOWUP

Here’s to another new beginning and more pounds shed well as more strength built.

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