My Journey To Health Days 59-66

Well what a week guys. Probably my toughest yet but not in the way you would think. I have some big changes coming in the near future with my work out regime but in the end I want to say that I REACHED ALL MY FUCKING GOALS WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. I wanted to KICK ASS for two full months and I DID IT folks I fucking did it. Lets go back to the beginning when I mentioned I really haven’t done any type of working out for over 30 years I wasn’t kidding. And I RODE this ol’ body damn hard in that time. I toured the southeast as a lead singer and guitarist for around 12 years so that alone should have been enough but I continued to jam locally playing drums and then bass. I went from there straight to the LAKE that involves a multitude of Alcohol and boating. During my Lake stint (which I’m still partaking) I did a shit ton of 12 oz curls and let me just say pushing that boat throttle really worked the hell out of my right forearm. Now I am not sure why but for some reason those two exercises didn’t seem to transfer into my workouts with Ol’ One More.

After totally KILLING it with the step over workout the next day really didn’t go so well in my mind. I could feel a difference. Ronnie as we know has been trying to whip my ass into shape and has been insanely supportive of my OLD FAT OUT OF SHAPE ASS and let me say having him as your biggest fan makes you NEVER want to let him down. I could tell a bit on Friday he could see I didn’t have a great day. Now ONE thing that was getting me a bit down is that I had dropped all the way to 211 but seemed to jump back up to 215. I know this can happen but for some reason it was bothering me because I had been doing so well. So the weekend came and went and on Monday morning I was the same weight which was good so I was ready to get to work but felt myself dragging a bit but as I have said over and over JUST SHOW YOUR ASS UP.

I walked my happy (or not so happy) ass in that gym and it was fucking FREE weight day. And there wasn’t a damn FREE thing about it. IT! KICKED! MY! ASS! I felt like it was my first day walking in that gym. I was WEAK as HELL. Now I was actually impressed my first day but after busting ass the past 60 some odd days, to say I was disappointed was the understatement of the year. I cold also see it in Ronnie’s face. I mean in my mind I just disappointed the ONE fucker I didn’t want to. So I left head held low to try and begin my work day. Problem was I stumbled my ass through the day as well. I mean I was coming back and kicking the ass of my job as well but not that day. I felt defeated for the first time in a LONG TIME.

Next day was circuit day. Let me also say my back felt like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. Of course he had that fucking ROPE?? in there, that bull shit sand ball, bitch ass jump rope, a 45 pound weight to lift from the ground to above my head, some free weights to press, and a 25 pound weight I had to hold straight out and steer. I could barely hold that fucking weight out for 5 seconds before I wanted throw it at Ronnie but since I could barely hold it up it wasn’t in my best interest to try and throw it at a man that could probably take my weak ass out by just jumping at me. Well I THOUGH I WAS GOING TO DIE!! Listen there is really no funny way for me to put it but I was SHOT, BEAT DOWN, and fucking WORN OUT!! I mean it was only 30 seconds per circuit but I simply couldn’t muster up the energy to keep going. We did three sets of each and I think he really wanted me to do four but he could see in my face and soul that I had nothing left. After it was over I was just sitting there with an amount of sweat pouring off of me that I had yet to experience, hunched over just trying to find the fucking strength to breath. When your ass is too fucking tired to do an involuntary action then something is the fuck WRONG! Ol’ One more came over and said “you look rough man”. I hoped I didn’t look an ounce of what I felt. I wish DEFEATED was a strong enough word for me to use but it simply isn’t.

I really felt a deep depression because of all the work I have done yet I felt so weak and frail. Almost like I was sick. Interesting enough Ronnie had been warning me that my body was probably going to break down. He told me that people who usually work out don’t work out 5 days a week and damn sure don’t do it as hard as I was working, and my old ass just started a little over 60 days ago. Well I also didn’t really believe him and I wanted to keep on pushing through because I have always felt it was mind over matter but I am telling you as much as my mind would DIG IN and try and PUSH FORWARD my still FAT ASS body PUSHED BACK and I men it PUSHED BACK FUCKING HARD!! Well my body WON damn it. I really left feeling broken all the way to my soul. Ronnie said ‘hey man we need to take a day off, your body is trying to tell you something and that is it has had enough’. In fact he said we need to take a day off next week as well. We NEED to let it get some rest.

So I got a day off and got my back adjusted and and a deep tissue massage from my therapist. The PAIN running through me as Melissa dug into my TORN BROKEN muscles was beyond me. She told me that the way the pain was shooting through me told her that I for sure had some micro tares. I was like MICRO, what the fuck are you talking about. I felt like her thumbs and elbows were falling thorough my skin and into my soul. I mean at one point I though she must have had blood all over her but apparently my skin was strong enough to hang in there as my muscles crumbled like a dry ass piece of cake being crushed by your fist. She agreed as well that I needed to take a day off for a while and reiterated what Ronnie said. My Chiropractor said the same thing. I mean It was like all the kings men trying to put Humpty Rusty back together again.

Ronnie is going to do some hunting in November so it was important for me to make it through October for 5 days a week but there is NO shame in what I have accomplished. We will go 4 days again next week then I will take a couple days off the next and I will begin a different type of schedule. I am going to begin working out with Ronnie three days a week and doing Yoga for two. I have done a good bit of Yoga and am ready to get back into it. Heather and the ladies at FLOW YOGA in Locus LOOK OUT CAUSE THE FAT BOY IS BACK. And for all you readers out there you get a whole NEW BLOG coming from an old broken man that is getting ready to get his stretch ON.

I wanted to share this with everyone because it felt like I had a major set back but in the end it is ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING. I am not done yet people and I will not be defeated. My workout today was a bit more spirited although Ol’ One More said I gave him a look like I wanted to kill him. Fuck I have wanted to kill his ass the whole time and am shocked that look hasn’t come out yet.

Thanks again for reading folks and stay tuned cause its about to get even uglier up in here. Remember all you have to do is JUST SHOW UP

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