My Journey to Health Days 67 through 74

Let me start this shit by saying FUCK AB DAY. In fact I am pissed at Ol’ One More because he is beginning to tell me what is happening the next day and that shit stresses me out. I woke up this morning all to hell obsessing over the fact it was AB day again. SO now that we got my pain out of the way lets talk about some RESULTS. Weighed in at a COOL 208.6 this morning (in case any of you fuckers forgot I began this Journey at a bit over 237), but most importantly I was measured for some new shirts and I have lost 12 inches. A FUCKING FOOT of fat. As bad ass as that sounds my current issue is that I probably need to loose 30 more pounds of fat and 12 more fucking inches but hey I am half way there.

It is amazing how easily we let ourselves go and really have no idea how big we really are. I have friends that I thought were bigger than myself only to find out that they were not and I mean by substantial margins. I say this not to shame ANYONE that is over weight just to point out that when we let ourselves go we sometimes don’t know exactly how far it was. And let me tell you it can really send you into a depression. I was speaking to a very close friend about this in the spring and she told me she totally understood what it felt like to be completely down on yourself because of the weight.

Last Friday was fucking AB day and let me tell you I have NO IDEA what this man (Ol’ One More) does at night in order to come up with some of the shit he makes me do but hey in the end I guess it is about results. We began with inclined sit ups to “warm” my abs up. I’m like ‘look dude I don’t feel fucking cold’. Then I guess he got “Bored” and went and got one of them damn SAND BALLS (fuck a sand ball by the way) and started throwing it at me for me to catch when I came up GASPING for air. Like its not hard enough to have to engage muscles that are ripping apart in my abdomen but then I have to be alert enough to catch a fucking ball, which by the way makes me that much heavier, and do another sit up and throw it back to him. WTF????? Oh and how many of you have seen ROCKY?? Well it looked a whole lot easier when he was doing it that for damn sure. He then made me hold that fucking ball, when I was supposed to throw it to him and spin from side to side. I am confident I have three hernias now but hey what’s the saying. NO PAIN NO GAIN?? Well fuck that too.

After I have ripped muscles through the thin layer of abdomen to cause said hernias he sends me to the floor on my back for some REAL FUN!! I begin by doing scissors and then I have to hold my legs roughly 6 inches off the ground. In typical ‘ONE MORE’ fashion my man decides I am not in enough pain so he does this:

YEP he throws a fucking SAND BALL on my legs (did I mention fuck a sand ball). It is bad enough that the damn thing probably weighs 20 lbs but because it is ROUND I have to somehow balance that thing as well. I have absolutely no fucking idea how long he makes me hold that bitch up but I am pretty damn confident it’s longer than he let’s me believe and you will see evidence of the way Ol’ One more counts in just a bit. There were some new ladies that have not watched him torture me in there today and I heard them saying things like, ‘MAN Ronnie you sure are mean’. Last week he made me squeeze that fucking sand ball bitch between my legs at my ankles and lift it up off the ground. I was still hurting a week after that shit. The screams that came out of me then were like a Friday the 13th movie.

ENOUGH said with that little bastard of a wheel. For those who have used one you understand fully.

This was his way of warming me up today. Three reps of 15. I think my hands and shoulders hurt worse than my abs did at this point. Seems I would still be a bit over weight LOL

I am pretty sure if you look close enough you can see the fucking AGONY on my face with this shit. That is a damn 45 lb weight that I have to drop back over my head (without touching the ground) while my legs are straight out (again without touching the ground) and scissor them both up. Yea I am not fucking kidding and this shit HURTS!!!! Al kinds of muscles that you didn’t even have a damn clue existed start popping off bone and curling up under your skin and shit. Let me just say it’s fucked up.

AAAAANNNNNDDDD then there is THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you listen until the end so you can hear the way this fucker counts. And don’t look past those arms his ass is using to push my legs down. FUCK this exercise. Because I knew I was being filmed I didn’t want anyone to hear me screaming like I normally am but I think you can get the idea of my pain. And if you watched until the end I am sure you can understand why when I met some of his 4 a.m. workout partners (yea i said 4 a.m. and I still can’t fathom why) they told me not to trust his counting because he apparently didn’t learn how to do that in school. THREE, THREE, TWO, TWO What the fuck is wrong with this guy. It is a mental mind fuck when you think it is almost over is what it is. #torture

Well now that you have an idea of what my AB day is like you can imagine some of the other shit he puts me through. Hell I am usually relieved when it is weight days of some kind. Chest day was Monday and it seemed I needed better technique on some shit which only made it fucking harder. Thursday was Biceps and Triceps day which is nothing more than Noodle fucking arm day. And now the fucker started grabbing the bar which I was curling to make it even more heavy. He started with only “ONE” finger to which I replied it doesn’t fucking matter how many fingers, to which he replied with holding it down with his entire hand in order to prove me wrong. Fucking LESSON LEARNED on that one. Keep your mouth shut and just pump some iron? Don’t question Ol’ One More because I call him that for a damn reason. Excuse me I needed to remind myself.

DON’T YOU WORRY because there was still some Circuit training in there. We all know about that fucking “ROPE”?? and that bastard ass ROW MACHINE that has turned out to be the talk of the gym. It seems I am the only damn one that gets on that BITCH and everyone seems to want to come watch my ass and talk about how there is NO WAY they could do it. Let me tell you it doesn’t make me feel any better especially when Ol’ One More decides to “kick it up a notch”.

A FUCKING 40 lb vest on my ass for circuit training. Complete with push ups on the bar, pull ups with the loop things and walking around the gym with a fucking Kettle Bell above my head. Yea and the rope and Row machine. I was a damn mess with that bullet proof looking thing on my ass. I mean you can see the look on my face. If you think I drop F Bombs in this blog you should have heard my ass while trying to get through that workout. Let me tell you, One it was hard to breath, and two I was slow moving as hell.

Well guys I want to end by saying if you haven’t started but are thinking about getting healthier it is time to do so. When I am on the verge of quitting and falling out I just yell in my head “WHAT THE FUCK IS 30 MORE SECONDS IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS”. I mean you just got to get your ass rolling. What it has done for me physically is amazing but mentally I wake up every morning feeling FANTASTIC about my accomplishments even though I still have a long way to go. I am getting my house organized, my office organized, my car organized, my life in general organized. I don’t feel the stress and anxiety I used to feel as the world was spinning out of control for me. I have hired an executive assistant to help me even more. I was working with my Book Keeper and Executive assistant the other day who was working with my accountant and one said ‘it takes a team to keep this man going’ and they couldn’t have been more correct. But this physical transition is what has propelled me to get my ass in gear in all other aspects of my life.

With all that said let me close by thanking EVERYONE for all the support you are giving me. This blog has reached over 10,000 hits and when I post on face book the response is overwhelming. When I am out in public not a day goes by without someone telling me how great I look. It helps keep me inspired and working on. I love all of you and I will never be able to show how grateful I am for everything. You are all helping hold me accountable and it takes a village my friends. I will say if you begin a journey like this and need support I am only a phone call away. Remember guys it is another new beginning and you all know to JUST SHOW UP.

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