My Journey to Health days 89-102

HOLY SHIT past the 100 day mark of this Journey. I never would have thought I would make it this long and after working with Ol’ One More I have no fucking idea how I am not DEAD. Update: My elbow is still hurting EVERY day but now it seems I may have¬†plantar fasciitis in my right foot. This is extremely painful and very annoying but it seems fairly common especially when OLD FAT FUCKS start working out after 30 PLUS years of doing nothing. I seem to have hit a MAJOR plateau in the weight loss department as I can’t seem to get lower than 203. With that said I am down 33 fucking pounds so hard to complain. We believe I am beginning to gain some muscle weight because let me tell you I feel stronger than a fucking OX as compared to the beginning. Oh and let’s not forget THANKSGIVING was in the middle of this last stretch. I still have not been sick this year although I feel like I am trying to catch a cold as everyone around me is but there is no doubt my immune system is in much better shape. Working out Plus Advocare Core Plex multi-vitamin and a spark every day has to help. All in All I am feeling damn good and everyone is noticing the difference. Even though I am not loosing pounds I am still loosing inches and people tell me this every day which is encouraging. Chris that works at the gym told me out of all the people he sees I am the one that has the most noticeable change. ON TO THE WORK OUTS:

BY FUCKING FAR AND AWAY THE HARDEST YET!! Ol’ One More said he was going to pick it up a notch well just like my BELT I think he has Gone farther than “A” notch. I don’t have time to go through each day because hell I can’t even remember all of them but I want to tell you the weight has gone up, the reps have gone up, and his ability to CHANGE shit up in the fucking middle of a work out has gone way the fuck up. People are coming up to me in the gym and saying things like, “man it hurts me to watch you work out”. “There is NO WAY I could do what you do in here”.¬† And even Ol’ One More admitted today that on his way home yesterday he thought “man there is no reason for someone to do what I just did to him”. I mean WHAT…IN…THE…FUCK… is that all about? Today I was asked if I am beginning to have nightmares about him LOL. I will say again I DO NOT get excited about going to the gym. I DO NOT wake up happy that I am about to get my ass kicked. I AM NOT and will NEVER BE a gym rat. I do this because I NEED to and when you higher a Trainer you don’t want to let them down.

Here is the day before Thanksgiving:

We all Know what this little bastard is. Three to four rounds of this. Yesterday I had to put the nix on it because of my foot but don’t you worry Ol’ One More found something else for me to do.

yea I know looks harmless and “fun” like a kit toy fun but FUCK this wheel as it gives you abs of steel.

Yep that is a fucking sand bag. Front lunges burning the fuck out of my legs and working the hell out of my core.

Had to press that for a minute straight. YESTERDAY he added over 20lbs and made me hold that motherfucker over my head and then walk that bitch from one end of the gym to the next.

That’s right we ain’t fucking done. Bend your ass over and pull that bitch up to your stomach for a minute or so.

Oh wait a minute, Shoulders hurt? Well hold this out and spin it like a steering wheel until he tells me to stop. I swear to you I am fucking SCREAMING to the top of my lungs and staring at his sawed off ass through that whole in the weight thinking of the many satisfying ways I could go about KILLING his ass. Think DEXTER for those of you that have showtime.

Fucking Kettle Bell squats are next so that we can burn every damn OUNCE of muscle in my legs.

That didn’t HURT ENOUGH?? Well here you go get some of this shit. The squatting alone will fucking kill you but then having to hold out that damn kettle bell and stare at his ass smiling and telling me ‘he isn’t feeling it yet’ is pure torture at it’s finest. At this point though if I decided to beat him about his head with said Kettle Bell I simply wouldn’t have the energy to do so which is what I think his strategy for staying alive is. Get me to the point where I simply can’t do a damn thing to him.

Thought we were done??? FUCK NO he didn’t get the name Ol’ One More for nothing. I am fucking crying at this point. Wondering if I am going to make it out alive. Thinking these bastards in this gym are going to drag me out into the hwy and leave me to be ran over by a mac fucking truck because not IF but WHEN I die in here they are all going to prison for allowing this man to do this to me. I see the damn look on all of their faces and not a damn one has stepped in to tell this man to EASE UP. So make sure you show my blog to the media when you hear of my death.

Holy shit what a workout for just ONE FUCKING day. And please remember I have to do MORE THAN ONE rep of all these. usually three and sometimes four. BUTTTTTTT…………WAIT did we forget who we were dealing with? His name is what?????

OL’ ONE MORE!!! Yep say it loud OL’ ONE MORE!!!

FUCK IT!!!! Abs need to be stronger I guess. At this point after the THIRD time he put that fucking sand ball on my legs, keep in mind it’s not only HEAVY as FUCK I have to keep that BITCH balanced while holing my legs off the ground. At this point I am SCREAMING “I WILL NOT EAT THE FUCKING TRUKEY, I WILL NOT EAT THE FUCKING DRESSING, I WILL NOT EAT THE FUCKING TURKEY, I WILL NOT EAT THE FUCKING DRESSING, I WILL ONLY EAT SALAD, PLEASE LET IT STOPPPPP!! To NO avail people to NO avail. Three sets of these bitches. I mean who fucking does this to people??

FINALLY the FUCKING END and let me just say it took me a while to get off that floor. And I am sure they had to clean the damn sweat off of it in the end. He is standing there with that shit eatin’ grin saying ‘you feel good now don’t you’. What the Fuck Ever dude. I feel like DEATH and I am sure of it. In fact I am sure Death is not as bad.

Well I took off Thursday, Friday, and Monday (because of my foot) and then returned Tuesday. I am not going to go through all of what I did Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday but I wish I would have come home and written them all down, HOWEVER I couldn’t even hold a damn pen much less find the gumption and strength to write words. Tuesday was SO fucked up I was about to PUKE when he said ok I’m tapping you out. Thanks I appreciate that but I am sure it was because he didn’t want to clean up vomit. I will say we have moved up in weight for EVERY fucking thing I do but if you ask Ol’ One More he will LIE like a Politician. I mean I felt like a damn weakling Wednesday while working on back and shoulders but in some cases he had 20-30 more fucking pounds on there. He put a damn weight out yesterday and told me to hold it out and spin it like a steering wheel to which I replied “look you know I will give every damn thing you throw at me a try but there is NO FUCKING WAY I can do that”. Of course he made me try and I was right. Then I said “you can’t do it either”. To which he tried and failed as well. Then he said Oh man I didn’t realize it was a FIFTY FIVE pound weight. So now not only is his ass fucking crazy he is becoming SENILE. So instead of me steering it he made me do overhead lift squats and then after a minute hold that damn thing over my head and walk the entire length of the gym and back. I thought the bitch was going to come out of my hands and fall on my head.

And at the “END” of my work out yesterday he grabbed that fucking 25 pound sand ball and made me through it up and over a 9 foot bar and run under it and catch it and turn around and do it again. Here is the funny part. It took him like three tries to do it and I was like “You can’t even do it and you are not FUCKING TIRED”. Yea well that didn’t help. In fact two guys stopped working out to watch what he was going to make me do next saw it take him Three tries to get it over, laughed like hell when i called him out then watched as I did my reps. I am getting to the point where I am scared for the end of a damn workout because it seems to get worse.

Well this is enough for today. WE are bowling for charity tomorrow and I am hoping that some of this new found strength can show itself on my score because I SUCK big time. But it is all for fun. Below you will find a link to donate and I promise there is no donation too small. $5 is $5 more than we have so if you have not spent your allotted charitable donations we sure would love to have them. We are adpoting 15 families to give Christmas and Food to and the rest will go to Charlotte Area Fund which is an organization committed to helping families get out on their own and off assistance. GREAT CAUSE AND AND ORGANIZATION. Out team is called the BOWLING STONES and I can’t thank you enough for the consideration.

No matter how much this shit KICKS MY ASS I am committed to this lifestyle change and I can tell you I am better for it in all aspects of life. If you haven’t done it don’t wait. Start NOW not at the beginning of the year. I have been told by SO MANY that my fat ass has inspired them to get out there and JUST SHOW UP. One rep is more than you did so it has to start somewhere. Thanks again for reading as we have over 17,000 hits.

Here’s to a new beginning.


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