My Journey To Health Part Deux (Finally broke 198 again Adding the Advocare 24 day cleanse)


Well we are back under 200 and I am fucking PUMPED. damn I had been holding over 200 for two weeks. I began my Advocare 24 day Jump Start challenge to try and push through my problems. This program is not a DIET it simply gets you on a proper meal plan and some great supplements. Probiotic and a vitamin drink in the a.m. with some amino acids to feed your muscles. A fiber drink after work out and then a breakfast consisting of Protein (two eggs) complex carb (piece of 21 grain toast with lightly spread peanut butter) and fruit (strawberries). Lunch is simply a protein, complex carb (quinoa/brown rice) and a vegetable. Dinner is the same as lunch then at bed time an herbal cleanse and fish oil pills. This isn’t some fad shit just needed supplements and better eating habits. I was able to drop 5 LBS from Monday to Friday because I must have fallen off the healthy eating deal. These are easy to prepare meals. I just blacken my protein for instance then saute’ some veggies with salt and pepper and Olive Oil. I have had some pinto beans and Quinoa as well.

Prime example of a typical meal this week.

NOW FOR THE FUN SHIT!! Last time you guys saw my new buddy that fucking SLED. Well apparently he wanted to hang out with me again this week. Only this time he decided to GAIN some fucking weight. Ol’ One More set me up in the gym with that motherfucker and had stations every so often for me to ADD WEIGHT to it as I pulled and take off Weight as I pushed. In the mean time my FOOT PROBLEMS (because I am tired of fucking saying Planter Fascittis) were killing me because he had me Jumping that fucking rope the day before or so.

keep in mind this was my FIFTH time doing this shit.

Just TEN MORE fucking pounds. I mean who the fuck thinks of this shit. If you can’t tell I am literally about to pass the fuck out something is wrong with you. And there was still one more of these fucking circuits to go. I know you are thinking man that tough glad he is done. If you are then you obviously haven’t been following my blog because that bastard in the back ground talking is Ol’ One More. And that means if you Ain’t fucking dead yet then you got ONE MORE IN YA. Notice that fucking sandbag sitting on the ground? UMM HUMM

The old Sand Bag. I am not sure why the hell this fucking thing has to always be involved with SLED. I mean this doesn’t LOOK that hard but after 5 or 6 times plus the SLED its a bitch. Not to mention he also made me run around the gym with a 10LB ball slamming it on the wall or the ground depending on HOW HE FELT at that moment I guess.

Oh but WAIT it gets better. Don’t think Ol’ One more is done with me yet. He is having WAY TOO much fun.

OH YEEEEEAAAA!! I had to push that bitch. Damn foot killing me, calves shredding from the bone, fucking back and arms ON FIRE, and KNEES shaking like a naked ass skinny man ice fishing and drinking bud light. Couple of things to notice here. For the first times I was able to take weight off at each stop, BUT the last time I had to bring that bitch HOME to the other end Fully weighted down. The other thing to notice is that is ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE FUCKING POUNDS I am pushing. Once we counted it up Ol’ One More was like OOPPS!! Then he laughed and said “I put way too much weight on there. I didn’t mean to put that much weight on there.”

^^ME: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND????? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? I am telling you I can’t make this shit up people. Ol’ One More’s friend just posted on face book and I quote “Ronnie you’re going to kill that man, that’s why I quit coming after the first day. I figured throwing up in the yard was ENOUGH”! yep you heard it my man was puking inĀ  the yard. Not sure which is worse puking or dying. BTW Notice my man Sam looking much more fit than me. Well we ’bout to fix that shit.

Just another day in paradise people. remember I fucking seriously doubt you have it as bad as I do and if I can do it than anyone can do it. Only one step to make. #JUSTSHOWUP





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