My Journey To Health Part Deux (from one gym to the next)

Well guys I don’t like going damn near a Month without posting but it has been a bit of a trying winter. Got sick for two weeks then got a stomach flu but as some of you already know I had to change gyms. Seems there were some people complaining about how LOUD I was at the gym. Now let me give you a full disclosure. I wasn’t cussing although that may be hard to believe after reading this blog and those that know me personally understand that I don’t typically hold back on the language but not in this case. Also I don’t want anyone here to think I was Battle crying before I lifted began working out. I didn’t begin to make noise until I was fucking DONE and Ol’ One More started his “YOU GOT MORE IN YOU” shit. That was how I Pushed through the pain and anguish. That extra push is what has me in the shape I am in today. So the owner came up to me after watching me work out and said he was getting constant complaints however he didn’t think I was too bad after watching me work out. Mind you I was working out with the same damn 5 or six people EVERY day so I simply didn’t want to be somewhere that I wasn’t welcome. I was there to do one thing and that was get my fat ass in shape and I had NO PLANS of changing who I was or how I worked out so I knew that he would ultimately ask me to leave one day so I just did it for him. I wish like hell I knew who was complaining “CONSTANTLY” so I could get them to go a few rounds with me and Ol’ One More and see just how fucking quiet they will be. Or my guess is they tap out way before it gets to that point. In the end I would think a guy that began working at YOUR gym that has lost over 40 lbs and is twice a strong would be a story you would want to tell but we all know these gyms are there to make money and in the short term the owner was looking at it as there were more people complaining then there was of me. With that said three people that were going to join because of how well I had been doing and also talked the place up decided NOT to and will be coming with me to the other gym. So short term they won but long term I am not so sure it was a good business decision. And to be fair they didn’t ask me to leave but I saw the writing on the wall and knew they would eventually. There are some people that I will miss from there but that is the breaks.

The problem is that other Gyms don’t want you to bring a trainer in that doesn’t work there because they are not getting any money out of the deal. Though I ultimately want to fight Ol’ One More for what that fucker does to me I am not stupid enough to lose him because he is a HUGE reason I am where I am today. I was able to find a gym a bit closer and negotiate a “COUPLES” rate, Yea I said fucking “COUPLES”, so it is only costing me an extra 30 a month to have him come over. To Ronnie’s credit he offered to pay for it but I didn’t think that was fair to him.

The new Gym which is Family Sports and Fitness in Stanfield is a much bigger facility with quite a bit more equipment. Has a basketball court, pool, a room dedicated to Cross Training, a room dedicated to Cardio, a room dedicated to weights, an outdoor track etc. They even have a day care type situation set up for your kids. But MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY it gave Ol’ One More extra shit to TEAR my ass up with. Since we have been working out I have found different muscles in my body that I didn’t know existed. Pretty sure My fucking shoulder muscles turned into DUST last week. We have been there now a couple of weeks as it took me a while to get things situated but in all we are the only ones in there at my time slot in the a.m. so I am loving it and can get as loud as I want because the room has a door on it to close. I have a few hard core workouts under my belt that I will share soon just wanted to give you all an update as to what the hell was going on. My weight is still riding between 199 and 201 a little up from my lowest of 196. I have a lot of work to do to lose 15 lbs by the end of April and it seems a bit daunting of a task but I will keep on fucking working no matter what. Just remember people it only takes one act to begin and that is JUST SHOW UP.

have a good one peeps and thanks again for reading.

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