My Journey To Health Part Deux (Ol’ One More’s Private Heaven My Hell)

Alright gang I want to thank you cats for continuing to read my bitch sessions. So I am currently working out at Family Sports and Fitness in Stanfield which has done NOTHING but give Ol’ One More ALL KINDS of new shit to torture me with. The workouts are getting even MORE excruciating and he seems to be enjoying it even more. Shit is Fucked up for sure but My friend Julie Evans said maybe I need a change up and she may have been correct. Although I would say maybe it was Ol’ One More that needed a change up. To put my pain in perspective I am having a hard fucking time typing after my Bi’s and Tri’s workout. Though they sure as hell don’t look it they feel SWOLE.

So this gym actually has it’s own circuit training room WITH A DOOR THAT CLOSES so no one has to actually hear someone work out HARD while they are over there chatting it up because they have NOTHING better to do. In this room they have the regular things like my old bastard “friend”:

The tough thing about this one is it is on this wood floor so the fucking thing slips and slides while using it and the piece that holds the handle to where you can grab it easily is broken so its all the hell I can do to reach over in that position to grab the damn handle. Hell it is a workout within itself.

There is ALWAYS a BATTLE rope somewhere. Apparently these fuckers were able to find one even bigger than Ol’ One More’s. Now he makes me stand on this damn PINK thing supposedly to “STRENGTHEN” my core however I feel like it is ripping my lower SPINE out of alignment because I am one damn step away from busting my ASS.

I wasn’t sure what the fuck this thing was until it was AB day and Ol’ One More decided to throw it on my legs while I am laying there trying to hold them up. You have all seen him do this shit before with a sand ball which was hard enough but it would seem this fucking “ball” is filled with WATER. Yea you heard me, fucking WATER. The damn thing is flopping over my legs all WILLY NILLY and shit damn near killing ripping my abs straight out of my skin.

And then there is THIS BITCH:

It would seem that I am supposed to climb up this fucker and touch the ceiling some day. Yea well what the fuck ever. Currently I have to sit on my ASS and just pull my self up to a standing position and drop myself SLOWLY back down. I suppose it will be a MAJOR victory for me to have the strength to pull my entire body up but my guess is there will be a very tiny bit of elation because of what I will have to go through just to make it happen.

Well this is just a FEW of the things that he is enjoying with more to come. I never thought I would HATE walking into a fucking basketball gym but Ol’ One More has a way turning something awesome like that into a damn torture chamber. Stay tuned for some videos on the way.

Last week was my first 5 full day in a while so I have some more posts coming. I am also getting ready to embark on an Advocare challenge to try and get some of these last few pounds off my ass. I have been using Advocare products for few years now for different things but now it is time for me to take some things to the next level and get my body fueled correctly. It would seem I am not eating enough protein and Vodka and Tonic with a lime apparently doesn’t count. If it did I would be straight for sure.

On a lighter note I was told by another friend yesterday that I have inspired him to get his act together and he has lost 20 lbs. Fantastic Danny Adams keep up the good work. Remember guys it is as simple as just showing up. Till next time, if Ol’ One More doesn’t kill my old ass.



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