My Journey To Health Part Deux

WHAT’S UP!!! Been a while since my last post. We had the holidays and a week vacation which sort
of threw things off on the gym front. Now let me be clear this doesn’t mean I quit going just wasn’t hittingĀ it as many days because of it. I’m beginning a Part Deux simply because I was tired of counting up all the fucking days that I had been going. Also this next section will probably be a bit of a ramp up from the first 4 months as Ol’ fucking One More is pushing me to set some REAL goals. Fucker. Seems it wasn’t good enough for me just to lose a load of weight and get insanely stronger, now we got to lock some shit in and go after it. I’m proud to announce I have lost a total of 38 pounds. That’s right THIRTY EIGHT (spelling it out seems bigger) fucking pounds to get below 200 lbs for the first time in I really don’t know. Man that is an accomplishment. If you would have asked me if I thought I could lose 38 when I started this shit I would have seriously doubted it. So some REAL talk about this journey. IT HAS BEEN A FUCKING BITCH. I tell you this because if I have inspired you to begin a journey of your own (and I know at least 10 that have thanked me) and it seems EASY then you aren’t doing it right so I don’t want to hear you cry when there are no results. This shit comes with sacrifice and hard fucking work and the bottom line is there is no easy way out. First getting up that early in the morning sucks. I’m a night owl and love to stay up late but I can’t PERIOD. Not and be rested enough to get any work done in the gym. I recommend the a.m. however because there is something about beginning your day with an ass whipping that propels you to greatness for the rest of the day. Second I FUCKING HURT. Yep you heard me right I hurt. We know about the beginning when I had to sit out the next day and the weekend because of pain in my arms. Remember I hadn’t worked out in damn near 30 years and, because I’m a stubborn ass and don’t quit, it took Ol’ One More time to figure out when to tap me out. So this may not happen to you but if you aren’t sore then you probably didn’t work hard enough. We all remember the torn calf. Same reason just different exercise. I have tweaked my back a couple of times but that is what a chiropractor and massage therapist are for. I have massive tendinitis in my left elbow and have been introduced to some fucking NEW ailment called Plantar Fascitis. What the Fuck is that shit you ask? It sounds like some kind of alien organism rolling around in your body but it’s basically some worn out inflamed tendons on the bottom of your foot. Yea the fucking bottom which means it fucking hurts to walk. That’s right WALK. Now I don’t jnow about the rest of you but walking is a pretty fucking fundamental part of my every day life. Turns out people can deal with this my every day life. Turns out people can deal with this shit for two years. Not a damn thing cool about that. Third just going to the damn gym every day SUCKS. Yea I don’t like this shit nor do I wake up excited and pumped about getting my ass kicked on the daily. That’s why my motto is just show up because for me it’s 90% of the battle. With this said I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. Have I mentioned I have lost 38 lbs, over 12 inches, finally have a 1 at the beginning of my weight, and am stronger than ever. Oh and went from a 36 waist with pants cutting damn near through my skin to a 33 fitting comfortably WHOOP WHOOP!! I could barely do 5-8 push ups before I started and Ol’ One More, in his typical fashion, had me warm up with 15 the other day. He turned around and I knocked them out, stood up, and he said ‘did you count them’? I said ” Fuck yea I counted dude all 15″. He said ‘damn that was fastI believe you can do another 15’. So I knocked them bitches out for him only to say ‘I think you got 15 more in ya’. Well I busted those out too. So I went from 8 to 45 in a bit over 4 months. I’m not going to lie that shit excited me. Had a bit of another set back as I was sick with some kind of damn flu for two weeks. Began working out and go through two circuits and on the third go round I thought I was going to DIE. I couldn’t breath and people in the gym said I looked like hell. Couldn’t catch people in the gym said I looked like hell. Couldn’t catch my breath. It was horrible. Basically had to spend two weeks away fro the gym. That shit I had was rough but I started back again this past week. Taking two weeks off was not a good thing. It’s amazing how quick you can fall backwards so this thing is truly going to have to be a lifestyle change. Here’s to new goals and a new beginning. Time to groan and tone. Remember just show up. It’s not too late to get to work on a new you.

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