My Journey To Health Part Duex (New Toy makes for unhappy boy)

What’s up Cats. Hope all is well and those of you who have been inspired to take a journey of your own I hope is is going well. I have been a little pissed of late as I have been hanging around the same damn weight since the beginning of the year. We all know I got sick for a couple of weeks and had to change gyms which were minor set backs but I have still been going at it at a pretty high clip. I have made it as low as 196 but have been hovering between 199 and 204 for most of the year. You can imagine how fucking discouraging and frustrating it is to have lost 41 lbs in just 4 months however getting stuck for the next 2.5. We all know it is 80% what you eat but I really don’t think I am eating that bad. There is no doubt I am gaining muscle and by volume it weighs more than fat so I shouldn’t be too upset but I set a goal to get to 185 by the end of April and It isn’t looking very good. I also understand that there are plateaus that I will hit and I just have to keep pushing through. It really isn’t so much the weight as it is getting this fucking GUT off my ass. I am too damn stubborn to quit so no need to worry just wanted to make sure if anyone else is finding it difficult they knew they were not alone.

I have decided to get a little help in the supplemental department. Both Julie and I have used Advocare products for years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. When I started this journey though I decided to go at it alone without much in the supplemental department. Just a spark, multi-vitamin, and occasional shake. I basically took my knowledge of what I had learned over the years doing different cleanses, being married to a dietitian for a bit, and working with Sue Compitello at Total Nutrition Technology. What I learned from Sue is that we have to actually feed our body vs doing nothing but cutting food and going on diets. You can’t build lean muscle starving yourself and not eating the right foods especially as a 48 year old fuck that has lost probably more than half his testosterone. I also learned that there cleanses are not a bad thing however they are not the complete answer just part of the equation. With all this said I decided it had been a while since I worked any kind of program, and supplements, so I felt it time to get into a program of some sort that was a bit more of a regimen. I tend to work better when I have structure.

I am choosing the Advocare ONE/80 program. You can check it out here at The 24-Day Jumpstart™ is designed to fuel a fresh start and help set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. My goal during this time is to follow the meal plan of a protein, complex carb, and fruit in the a.m. and change the fruit to a vegetable for lunch and Dinner. Also to utilize the SUPPLEMENTS provided to get the proper nutrients into my body during this period. This is a set up for the future. Remember there is nothing that can replace REAL food however we need to supplement as well because it is tough to get what is needed simply from Eating. Let me know if you are interested further and I am more than happy to speak to you in detail. The link above will also allow you to research and purchase a system.

Now for the Fun stuff. It seems Ol’ One More has decided I need to meet a new friend. Everyone Meet SLED and feel free to tell Ol’ sled to FUCK OFF because he is a fucking ASSHOLE of EPIC proportions.

SLED looks fairly harmless however he is a Motherfucker. He weighs roughly 25 to 35 lbs and you can add weight to him for Ol’ One More’s torture pleasure. Here is an example of me “hanging out” with Ol’ Sled.

This was like the 5th time I pulled that bitch. Started with me doing it to Half Court for Two sets. Then we went Full Court for 3. And at the end in which my ENTIRE fucking body was ready to collapse I hear Ol’ One More say “one more time to half court and you can be done”. DONE? I was fucking DONE 4 times ago. I mean it doesn’t look all that ridiculous but the back of your arms are bulging out and you can feel the blood pumping through them as you are waiting for them to BURST while your back muscles and chest muscles are SCREAMING PLEASE FUCKING STOP THIS MADNESS and Ol’ One More is over there saying C’mon you got more in you. I know you are thinking, shit that looks tough, however it even get’s more stupid.


Yea you see that shit correctly. After pulling that god forsaking SLED I had to run down to the other end of the gym and bend down and throw this fucking sand bag to the other side of the gym. I mean I will ask again, who the fuck sits around and thinks about this shit do do to me. Yea I know fucking One More but damn!! Yea we are not even close to done here.

As if there wasn’t e-fucking-nough weight on this bitch I had to put the bitch of a sand bag on here and push this fucking SLED to the other end. Note the rope BTW. I wonder just how much that thing weighs? I am confident you could tie it to a home and rip it right off the foundation without even having it fray. Look how much my feet are slipping. Keep in mind I have that terrible sounding shit called Planter Fasciitis so the tendons in my heal and arch feel like they are tearing from the fucking bone the ENTIRE time I am pushing. Oh did I mention I had to do this shit like 5 times. YEP that’s correct FIVE!! Thought that was a tough workout? HELL NO not for Ol’ one More. He still got some shit to throw at a brother.

Yea get some of that. I showed this to a friend that works out and he said ‘damn you got to hold that over your head and walk around the gym? that is a bitch man” LOLLOLOLOLOLOL. I said watch a little closer. I had to reverse curl that MOTHERFUCKER behind my head while marching the entire gym. My Wife Julie said ‘Listen to how loud you are breathing”. I said REALLY?? are you fucking kidding me? I am about to FALL OVER AND DIE at this point and she is saying I am breathing loud. Maybe she was the one that complained to the other gym owner LOL. As I stated before I may be loud but it isn’t because I am shouting Battle Cry’s for attention. It is for fucking Survival. I have challenged many to bring their happy asses in with me and keep fucking quite while keeping up with me. Plus it is actually how Ol’ One More can tell when I am done. He has learned to listen to the pitch of my SCREAMS.

Well there you have it folks. A 40 min peak into the life of one of my workouts. I feel like if I can make it through this shit then I can damn near make it through anything. Well Except 60 min of THIS SHIT. I will keep you posted on how the Advocare system has helped get me jumped started into my next drop in weight as well as my overall health. Until next time keep in mind there is only ONE step that counts and that is the first step. #JUSTSHOWUP.

On the PS side of things. For us Blogger’s that can’t spell with a shit Te Struggle is real. Thanks for reading.

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  1. You are so cute….working out….lol Eddie and I are very proud of you. Sorry we were unable to make it to River Wild. My surgery is killing me… they did not give me any pain pills till Friday and I have not been able to drink for 2 weeks now because it makes the bleeding and bruising worse. Hope to see you soon. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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