My Journey To Health Part Duex One More taking it seriously W/videos

Alright Peeps it’s time to tell you what is up. Well FUCK AB day. You know it doesn’t get better. My CORE should be able to break Ol’ One More’s Radius bone in the event he would want to take a shot at me. For the record we are getting close to a show down. I think I still need some time with the cardio before I attempt to take his ass out because I have only worked up to about 5-6 min of action during an all out BATTLE ROYAL. Ok and I may still need to gain some strength but the point is I am a whole lot closer to whipping his sawed off ass than I was in August.

Fucker found some bungee type chord things just to bring it on up a notch. See that face. Yea it’s not determination it’s ‘I’m fucking pissed because it’s 6 fucking 30 and I would rather be in bed. Upper ABS taking a damn beating with this exercise that he made me do 3 sets of. Damn ABS get so tight I can’t even stand up straight. So much for the whole KEEP YOUR CORE tight if you are bent over like someone with a broken ass back and a cane.

Seems you can do this shit in any gym and it is still fucked up. Engaging the entire core with this shit. Oh and yea that is noise of pain and struggle and adversity or as known on the wild world of sports in the ’80s :THE AGONY OF DEFEAT:


THIS PEOPLE is why they didn’t want me in the other gym. Does this sound like some kind of fucking gym rat battle cry? Fuck no this sounds like a poor ass grown man being fucking tortured by Ol’ One More. I challenge ANYONE to actually hold on as long as I do without making any damn noises. And he pulls this shit in the middle of the exercise above. Instead of ONE MORE he is saying HOLD IT. Well what the fuck else can I do, Dance with it?? At this point the abdominal muscles are tearing apart at the seams leaving a stringy mess of fucking pulled chicken looking shit all through out my torso.

Yea you see that shit? A fucking 15 lb dumb bell. I mean who the the living FUCK thinks of shit like this to do to people. I am not even showing you guys the entire AB workout just some highlights. I’m glad he didn’t film this because I am confident I don’t even remember anything past screaming like one of the Friday the 13th chics being chased by Jason. Knees, legs, ass, abs, you name it I was fucking feeling it.

Well guys just wanted to share a little pain with you. Come on down and lets go at it a bit. Ol’ One More would love to have you. In all seriousness my back is in the best shape it has been in years. Only been the the Crackopractor twice all year because of it. Well and losing 40 lbs. Remember it only takes ONE THING. Just show up.

Till next time.

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