What’s up Peeps?? I know it’s been a while right. Sorry everyone life got in the way however I have continued my transformation and journey to health. Ol’ One More is still beside me and behind me pushing me to my fucking breaking point but some cool shit has gone on during my hiatus from writing.

Let me start with I have gained some muscle weight. I am 7 pounds heavier than my lowest however I have lost 4.25 more inches since my lowest weight for a total of 16.25 inches from my head to my waist. Yep you heard that shit I have lost almost a foot and a half of FAT off my ass. Is that even possible you may ask? It is when your fat cells have grown to a point of almost ripping through your skin. And it is always a plus when the old ball and chain notices the muscles taking over them fat cells. She thinks she is cheating on me LOL.

So I came in to work out one morning and Ol’ One More had me come in the gym to play him in a game of one on one basketball. Let me prefacewith my ass hadn’t shot any kind of hoops for likely 25 years. And when I did play the few skills I had (hustle and defense) didn’t translate into one on one. I couldn’t shoot nor could I dribble so to say I took an ASS WHIPPING would be the understatement of the year. The little sawed off fucker can actually shoot some hoops. The challenge though was I had to beat him once out of three or I was going to have to pull a fucking weighted sled around an outside dirt track. Well I just knew I was fucked until the next week he brought 2 more guys with him and let us play 2 on 2. I was able to play with Phil and somehow we WON the damn game with me hitting basically one shot albeit the winning basket. One More allowed me to count it in the challenge. I was then paired with my man Chris who was pretty good and a damn fighter but we turned out to be NO MATCH for Phill and One More. Yea those fuckers loved it as they tore our asses up week after week for a couple of months Until I got sick of it. I am a sore fucking loser but I will not quit. After going down 7-4 one day I devised a pick and roll game that allowed us to exploit them down low and we won 20-19. They pouted and bitched a good bit about my “SCHEME” but what the fuck was I supposed to do? We couldn’t out play them so I out smarted their asses.

The next week our old asses somehow ended up in a game with some fuckers 18 and under. Yea Ol’ One more is 58 and I am 49 and these bastards come out there bouncing around like they had springs in their shoes and jet packs on. I mean we were all grabbing our backs, shoulders, knees, fucking wrists and pride at times. BUT we were actually tearing their asses up until we lost one to an ankle injury. Hell the next time they came out the damn whole gym smelled like BEN GAY. I ended up on a pretty damn good team though with an 18 year old Senior and a 24 year old and started winning on the regular. Until shit got serious and one of the younger guys started coming in early to practice. Well not to be outdone I woke my old decrepit ass up 45 min early every day watched some damn youtube on how to better my weak points and lets just say I haven’t lost since. In fact I took ol’ one more on in one on one and beat him like the keep pounding drum 20-8. He was pissed because I continued taking him down low instead of outside where I had been practicing. I told him simply ‘I didn’t come down here to show you I could shoot better (which I actually had 4 nice outside jumpers) I came down here to beat your ass. Lesson here? Get up and get to work. NEVER QUIT and you will reach your goals.

Let’s just say the competition of the basketball added to my weekly work out has been a great distraction from the grind. I probably sweat more doing that now and trying to keep up with fuckers in High School, but I am happy every Friday for them boys sharing their time with my old grey and not quite so fat ass. Moral here make your workouts FUN people. They don’t always have to be miserable just because it is funny to hear me bitch.

Well I am back to tell you I am entering the Advocare Slim and Trim 56 day challenge with the chance to win 25K and a years worth of free spark or 10 prizes of 2K and three months of free spark. And if for some reason I don’t win shit I will still be at my peak performance which is what all this shit is about. Here is the link for you to learn all about it: 

Julie and I so far have 2 joining us. We are going to work with them and help them in multiple areas especially in the food department. It’s 80% what you put in your body and the products are meant to get the right fuel in you so to optimize weight loss and strength.

I will NOT be drinking for a MONTH so watch out cause I just may kill a motherfucker but I mean 25K might be worth it.

Today Ol’ One More and I looked at some key milestones with my strength and I was pretty shocked at the results. When I started working out with him I could only Bench press 85 Lbs 6 times. Now I do 95 19 times to warm up. AND TODAY I maxed that shit at 175 LBS. Fuck yea you heard that shit. No more Man Boobs on this body.

Maxed out on Leg Press at FIVE TWENTY. You heard that shit 520


Dumbbell curles 45 four times each arm. Prob could have gone 50 but was burnt after 4 of 45

And my personal favorite was 4 of these bitches

Yea man I have never been able to pull my fat ass up for ONE much less FOUR.

So here is what’s up people. This shit works. Get your ass out of bed or off the couch and JUST SHOW UP. Eat the RIGHT FOOD and add some supplements from a world class company that truly stands behind their shit to the point that Pro Athletes can take it without worrying about being suspended. Just ask Drew Brees. Call me if you would like to join us in this journey I am more than willing to share my knowledge. 704-301-5881

Happy New Year people I began my transformation in August of 2017 and it seems like yesterday. What the hell are you waiting for? It is as simple as JUST SHOWING UP!!